Tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the richest yet not discovered tourism destinations in Africa. Democratic republic of Congo is blessed with unique flora and fauna with a number of water bodies with lush savannah plains which are surely what one would look out for on an African safari. The tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo has majorly been affected by the security instability in the region from the rebel groups inhabiting the country and twentieth century is when this country faced its saddest chapter on top of colonial rule and exploitation with selfish leaders’ war which was considered Africa’s First World War. 

The Democratic republic of Congo remains a feared destination but with the extra efforts of the tourism stakeholders, the country has managed to maintain peace and see a successful and secure running of the tour destinations. The tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo is growing at a steady rate with the number of visitors coming to the country increasing with time. The major tourism hot spots of DR Congo are the expansive Virunga national park that offers mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, hike up the active Mount Nyiragongo, Tchegera Island visit and game drives in the savannah sector. 

The Kahuzi Biega national park is also a famous destination for tourists coming to the Democratic republic of Congo interested in visiting the lowland gorillas. You can connect from Virunga national park to Kahuzi Biega national park via Lake Kivu on a speed boat. The thrill you get on a Congo safari is unmatched. The eastern part of the country is the most famously visited basing on its rich tourism composition and yet is the one known for having rebel groups and militia habitation. 

The two national parks of Eastern DR Congo; Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park are located in Goma town and Bukavu town respectively. Goma town is the provincial capital of North Kivu province while Bukavu town is the provincial capital of the south Kivu province and both towns are bordered by the Lake Kivu. 

Kahuzi Biega national park as a tourism destination in the Democratic republic of Congo is one of the homes of the eastern lowland gorillas which are an indigenous species in the country. This is a new and much received destination. Get yourself a lowland gorilla trek permit at 400 USD, add on a visit to the Lwiro primates Rehabilitation center. 

The Lwiro primates rehabilitation center is a home to a number of primates that have been rescued from the forest after being left alone when the parents were poached. The center has over 100 primates at the center with professional skilled staff. The sanctuary is preserved in its natural state to stimulate the primate’s natural environment they are accustomed to. The Lwiro primates rehabilitation center is 17 kilometers away from the Kahuzi Biega headquarters which is a one hour and a half driving distance from the Bukavu town. Some of the primates at this center include the chimpanzees and different monkey species. Get to feed the younger primates and a permit to visit this center only goes for 40 USD. We can book you a visit to the Lwiro rehabilitation center. You may top up a visit to the Tshibati waterfalls while in Kahuzi Biega.

You may also visit mount Kahuzi, a hike up the highest peak at 3,308 meters starting at about 2,100 meters and this is a 4 hour hike uphill until you reach the summit. There is a second peak called Mount Biega which is at an altitude of 2,800 meters and this is where the park derived its name. You can reach the Kahuzi Biega park via lake Kivu from north Kivu or cross via the Rusizi border of DR Congo and Rwanda. 

Virunga national park is the most commonly visited national park of the country majorly because of its being the home of the few of the mountain gorillas still existing in the world. Get to book a 4 days safari with mountain gorillas with an overnight hike up Mount Nyiragongo. The Virunga national park stretches out up to the Rwenzori mountains and this sector has the biggest number of hippos. The Virunga national park is also a home to the Mount Nyamulagira which is also an active volcanic mountain. This park has had a number of successful tours ever since the reopening in February 2019 and a group of dedicated and skilled Congolese have continued to tirelessly protect the park and its resources. 

You can access the Virunga national park from the Goma airport and drive about 10minutes to the Grande Barrier border building where the Virunga tourism office is strategically located. You could opt to fly into Rwanda and land at the Kigali International airport, drive about 4 hours to cross into the DR Congo at the Grande Barrier border building.

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