Animals in Amboseli National Park

Animals in Amboseli National Park are the best of the many attractions in the park that most travellers come to visit on a Kenya safari tour. Amboseli National Park is the second most popular Kenya national park after the great Maasai Mara National Reserve from where travellers enjoy watching the great natural spectacle of wildebeest migration as over 1 million wildebeests, thousands of zebras and other wild game migrate via the Mara River to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Amboseli National Park in Kenya is one of the best destinations in Africa to enjoy game drives for its abundant wildlife, especially the large herds of elephants seen grazing and moving majestically against the backdrop of the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Amboseli National Park has variety of wild animals that roam the park, though to most travellers when Amboseli National Park is mentioned, they think of only the large herds of free ranging elephants. Amboseli National Park animals are just not limited to the large herds of elephants. Given that all Amboseli National Park animals are permanent residents of the park, travellers are sure to encounter them in any of the parts of the park during game drives and other activities in Amboseli National Park.

The animals that tourists can encounter include over 900 elephants seen free-ranging and rolling and spraying themselves with water usually along the banks of Lake Amboseli in the dry season, lions, leopards, buffaloes, gazelles, wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, cheetahs, hippos, hyenas, giraffes among so many others.

The great habitants in Amboseli National Park has contributed largely to the number of wildlife found in the park. with about 5 different habitants in Amboseli National Park say acacia woodland, swamps, open savannah grassland, rocky and bushy vegetation as well as dry lake pans, the concentration of animals reward travellers with great sightings of wild animals every short distance travelled, say the water animals found in Lake Amboseli. 

To spot all or most of the Park animals, travellers can take up various activities in the park including; 

Game drives

Game drives in Amboseli National Park are the most commonly done in the park in the bid to encounter wild game. Game drives in Amboseli National Park can be done either in the morning or evening, and some travellers after exploring Amboseli National Park extensively can do so with whole day game drives. Whole day game drives are more fun when blended with a picnic in some of the most scenic areas in Amboseli National Park. Game drives in Amboseli National Park are all the more enjoyable during the dry season when the savannah grass is not so over grown that one can spot wild game in a much further distance. The dry season also doubles as the peak season so expect to have many other tourists around.

Walking Safaris

Walking safaris in Amboseli National Park give travelers an opportunity to get up-close to the wild game. Walking safaris have travellers getting on foot and walking in the park as they look out for wild game. Walking safaris are done in the company of a ranger guide and are usually done in the evening.

Balloon safaris

Balloon safaris are another way travellers visiting the park can get to sight animals. Balloon safaris give travellers an opportunity to have an aerial view of Amboseli National Park thereby enjoying the amazing scenery and sighting more wild game. Most a times, balloon safaris last one hour and climax with a breakfast in the wilderness. Be sure to enjoy your time in the skies and the beautiful sunrise or sunsets.

Boat cruises

Boat cruises on Lake Amboseli give travellers a chance to spot more wild life especially aquatic animals like hippos as well as birds.

Best time for wild game viewing

Whereas the park can be visited all throughout the year, the best time to do game viewing in Amboseli National Park is during the dry season when the vegetation is not so over grown, the roads are easily passable and the wildlife all concentrate in the few available water sources as they all want a drink of it.

While visiting Amboseli National Park animals however, there are guidelines and rules that were developed by park authorities that travellers ought to follow while enjoying various activities in the park. These rules and guidelines were put in place to conserve and protect the various Amboseli National Park animals. Some of these rules and guidelines include;

  • Do not over speed while in the park
  • Do not go off the tracks available when on game drives in Amboseli National Park
  • Do not feed the Amboseli National Park animals
  • Do not litter in the park, keep all your rubbish in the car
  • Do not make noise in the park, or even hooting
  • Etc.

Amboseli National Park is a very beautiful scenic Kenya national park that it is the second most visited in Kenya after Maasai Mara National Reserve. Enjoy sighting all the above mentioned and more Amboseli National Park animals with a Kenya safari package.

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