Serengeti National Park 

Serengeti National Park, named Siringet by the wandering Maasai is a vast savannah land with endless plains. Serengeti National Park, which covers a total area of 14,763 square kilometres, supports 3 million mammals, of which over 2 million annually migrate in very concentrated herds north across the Mara River in ‘the last great spectacle of nature’ commonly known as the great wildebeest migration. Serengeti National Park has endless rolling plains which reach up to the Kenyan border, and extends almost to Lake Victoria. Serengeti borders Ngorongoro Crater in the south and Maasai Mara National Park of Kenya in the north. Serengeti Park is undoubtedly the most visited Tanzania national park, with most tourists visiting to watch the spectacle of the great wildebeest migration. 

Wildlife in Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park Tanzania is a hub of all sorts of wildlife. The park teams with stunning wildlife that it is thought over 3 million large mammals do roam the endless plains of the Serengeti. Large herds of antelopes of all kinds are in Serengeti Park and they include the very many and migratory wildebeests, Patterson’s eland, Impalas, zebras that do migrate as well during the annual migration, bush and reed buck, cotton’s oribi, grey bush duiker, roan antelope buffalo and gazelles among others. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, bat eared fox, hunting dog and jackals can be seen in the park. Smaller mammals like porcupines, warthogs, hyraxes, spring hares, vervet monkeys, colobus monkeys and mongooses among so many others can be seen in the Serengeti. Giraffes, elephants, rhinos, hippos amongst so many others; as well as about 500 bird species including among others vultures, flamingos, ostriches, and storks can be found in Serengeti Park. Reptiles, too, can be seen say crocodiles which feast on the wildebeests during the annual migration, snakes and lizards among others. Wildlife in Serengeti Park can be seen and enjoyed with various activities.

Serengeti National Park Activities

There are a number of activities that tourists can do while in Serengeti Park. Some of the Serengeti National Park activities include;

Game drives

Game drives in Serengeti Park are the most rewarding activity that travellers can do. Game drives in Serengeti National Park can take the whole day, or travellers can choose to do either morning game drives, afternoon game drives or evening game drives. All these reward tourists with great views and sightings of various wildlife species including the big five and others, as well as birds. Night game drives are however not so common, and are available on request. Morning and full day game drives are however the most common, with travellers on full day game drives carrying their packed lunch which they enjoy in the bush. 

Bird watching

Serengeti National Park has more than 500 species of birds across the endless plains, with Ndutu area taking about half of the total bird population in the park. Bird watching in Serengeti National Park can be done all year through, but the best and most recommended time is in the months of November to April which are breeding periods. Keen birders can see more than 100 bird species in a day. North African and European migratory birds can be seen in the Serengeti. Some of the birds tourists are sure to see include among others the secretary bird, Fischer’s lovebird, grey-breasted spurfowl, black eagles and ostriches. Birding tours in Serengeti Park can take the whole day, with tourists going with their packed lunch. Birders are reminded to carry a good pair of binoculars.

birds of serengeti

Hot air balloon safaris

Hot air balloon safaris in Serengeti Park are a unique and one of the best activities in the park. Hot air ballooning allows tourists to high up at even 1000metres or more above the park, rewarding them with great views of the wildlife and landscape of the Serengeti plains. Serengeti hot air balloon safaris start as early as 6am and end at around 9 am or 10am, with a sumptuous bush breakfast.

Great Wildebeest migration viewing

The great wildebeest migration is probably the most sought after Serengeti Park activity by most tourists. The great wildebeest migration is an annual spectacle that has more than 1 million wildebeests, many zebras and gazelles crossing the Mara River to Masai Mara National Park of Kenya, in a survival of the fittest way. The predators like hyenas, lions, leopards and the crocodiles in the Mara River use this chance to hunt down a number of migrants. Tourists who get to see the great wildebeest migration are always left in awe.  

Other activities that tourists can do while in Serengeti National Park include walking safaris in the guidance of a ranger, cultural visits and historical visits to Olduvai Gorge.

Serengeti National Park is home to a number of tribes with the most famous being the Kenya Maasai. This tribe is unique and popular due to their long preserved culture which even after civilization and education still cling to their cultural and traditional way of life. Encountering them is very enlightening, and fun especially when they do their traditional dance.

Best time to visit Serengeti National Park

The best time to visit Serengeti Park is during the dry season, which usually falls in the months of June to October. Since most travellers visit Serengeti Park for the great wildebeest migration, the best time is during the months of June to July. The months of April and May fall in the rainy season with the highest rainfall registered then. For this reason, some lodges do close.

Serengeti National Park Serengeti National Park 
Serengeti Hot Air Ballooning

How to get to Serengeti National Park

Getting to Serengeti can be both by air and road. By air, travellers can charter flights from Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar-es-salaam to Arusha, and then charter another from Arusha to Serengeti in the various airstrips available. By road, travellers take about 8 hours on road from Arusha to the park. 

Serengeti National Park Accommodation

Serengeti Park Tanzania has a number of lodges and camps that tourists can stay at while in the park. The accommodation ranges from super luxury to basic, thus catering for all kinds of tourists. Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Ndutu Safari Lodge, Serengeti Serena Lodge, among so many others offer great service, comfort and safety. Public campsites are also available though very basic and sometimes without water.

Serengeti National Park offers unparalleled safari experiences. 3 days Serengeti Park safari or 6 days Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater safari packages are some of the Tanzania safaris you can take to experience the best safari experiences. Get in touch with a reputable tour operator for more information or assistance on planning and booking a Tanzania safari to Serengeti Park.

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