Maiko National Park

Maiko National Park is one of the lucky national parks in Congo that inhabit the eastern lowland gorillas. Maiko National Park is found in one of the most remote forest areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The park covers a total area of 10,885 square kilometres spreading through parts of Nord Kivu, Orientale Province as well as Maniema. The area that is now referred to as Maiko Park Congo was back in 1949 referred to as Bukumu Hunting Reserve as established by the Belgian colonial administration, that was put in place more to prevent the mineral exploitation and serve as a hunting ground for the wildlife, instead of protecting and conserving the area and the wildlife inhabited. It was in 1970 that it became named Maiko National Park solely for the purposes of nature conserving. 

Maiko National Park

Maiko Park Congo is a wonderful destination that any traveller who ventures into visiting it would appreciate. The park is a major primate destination for it inhabits the rare eastern lowland gorillas that are endemic to the Congo only. The other two endemics that can only be found in the Congo are the Congo peafowl and the Okapi. 

Flora and fauna in Maiko National Park

Maiko National Park is a very diverse national park with loads of flora and fauna flaunting the park. Three of the Congo’s spectacular endemic animals can be found in Maiko Park Congo and they include the rare eastern lowland gorillas, the Congo peafowl and the Okapi. Other wild animals that can be found in the park include forest elephants and leopards, among so many others. The birdlife in Maiko Park Congo is worth a mention and travellers may spot among others the Ruwenzori turaco and the handsome francolins. The park also has two rivers namely River Oslo and River Lindi. All these travellers can see as well as encounter when on a Congo safari tour visiting Maiko National Park in particular.

Activities in Maiko National Park

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking in Maiko Park Congo is possible due to the presence of the eastern lowland gorillas. Travellers can take part in gorilla trekking in Maiko National Park for an encounter with the eastern lowland gorillas that are endemic to only the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is only here and in Kahuzi Biega National Park that eastern lowland gorillas can be trekked. While gorilla trekking in Maiko Park Congo, travellers can encounter a number of other wildlife including primates like chimpanzees and the red tailed monkeys among others, as well the endemic okapi. Travellers need to purchase gorilla trekking permits to be allowed to take part in gorilla trekking in Maiko National Park. Recently, however, gorilla trekking in Maiko was stopped after a gorilla attacked a tourist, an act attributed to the fact that the gorillas here were still not properly habituated. The activity will be re-opened when the eastern lowland gorillas in the park are found fully habituated. Travellers after encountering the eastern lowland gorillas can therefore opt to visit Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Maiko National Park
Maiko National Park

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife viewing in Maiko Park Congo is a very enjoyable activity that has travellers taking up game drives for an opportunity to view wildlife of the park. Among the wildlife travellers are sure to view while in Maiko Park Congo include the endemic okapi and Congo peafowl, forest elephants, leopards, and aquatic genet among others.

Bird watching in Maiko National Park

With the various species of birds in Maiko Park Congo, bird watching is another activity in the park that travellers that are keen birders can take part in. Bird watching can be done while on a wildlife viewing spree on a game drive, or on a nature walk on developed trails. Embarking on a bird watching adventure in Maiko National Park with the guidance of a bird guide who is not only knowledgeable about the birds but also the park itself would be more rewarding. Travellers intending to take part in bird watching are reminded to carry binoculars that would facilitate them spotting more bird species even while at a far. Some of the birds found in Maiko National Park include among others the kingfishers, herons, pitas, sparrows and the Ruwenzori Turaco.  

Nature walks in Maiko National Park

The perfectly thick forested area that the park encompasses is a very beautiful place to enjoy nature walks in. Nature walks in Maiko Park Congo are very rewarding and travellers get to explore and learn about the park more, as well as experiencing and encountering the abundant wildlife in the park. Nature walks in the park take travellers through the forest and to river banks of River Oslo and River Lindi, filled with hippos and other aquatic animals and birds.

When to visit Maiko National Park

Maiko National Park can be visited all year long. Given that the Democratic Republic of Congo lies on the Equator, the climate is hot and humid in the river basin and cool and dry in the southern. Though some months maybe wet and cold, it can be so anytime of the year since Mariko Park Congo is a forested area that can receive rainfall at any time. During the wet season in particular though, the roads that are already undeveloped become more impassable while in the park and the vegetation is rather too thick that wildlife viewing is rather hard. 

Getting to Maiko National Park

Getting to Maiko is a rather hard thing. Travellers can however use some routes say from Goma, Benin or Butembo to get to the park. Maiko Park Congo is about 515 kilometres from Kisangani town. 

The Park is not so much developed and the accommodation facilities are therefore very limited. Most travellers who visit the park usually stay in communities around or are asked to carry their own camping equipment which they can use in the designated camping areas in the park. Travellers should not expect 5star treatment and lodging options in Maiko Park Congo.

Any Congo safari tour that travellers book is very fulfilling and rewarding for travellers get to experience a true African lifestyle and safari, and a Maiko Park Congo safari is no different. Take time to get in touch with a knowledgeable tour operator to help you plan and put together one of the best Congo safaris tour for an opportunity to visit wild Maiko Park Congo.

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