Kundelungu National Park

Kundelungu National Park is one of the top national parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo that tourists can visit to explore while on a Congo safari tour. The Park was established in 1970 and covers a total area size of about 7600 square kilometres. Kundelungu National Park is just adjacent to Upemba National Park located in Katanga province 180km north east of Lubumbashi on a plateau from which the park’s name was derived. Kundelungu National Park was first a private hunting ground before it was declared a protected area for wildlife conservation. 

The Park consists of stunning flora and fauna and is divided into two different zones with one having the Lofoli Falls which are a great spectacle. Kundelungu is majorly a savannah grassland dotted with forest galleries, and various animal species like porcupines, warthogs, buffaloes, hippos, various monkey species and antelopes among so many others. The birdlife in Kundelungu is abundant with a variety of species including but not limited to pelicans and egrets. The beauty of Kundelungu National Park can be explored through a number of activities in the park by those travellers who take time to visit the park while on a Congo safari.

Kundelungu National Park

Activities in Kundelungu National Park

The various activities in Kundelungu National Park that tourists can take part in include the following;

Wildlife viewing

Wildlife viewing in Kundelungu is one of the most done activities in the park which has travellers viewing a variety of wildlife including servals, porcupines, warthogs, various monkey species, buffaloes, antelopes, hippos and so much more as they roam the park hunting or grazing on the woodland forests in the park. 

Bird watching

Bird watching in Kundelungu is possible due to the availability of a variety of bird species that dwell in the thick forested area as well as near the water bodies like the falls. Kundelungu is designated an Important Birding Area in the Congo due to the abundant bird species that dwell in the park. Some of the species of birds tourists are sure to see include among others cranes, marabouts and pelicans. In the company of a bird guide and with a pair of binoculars, birders are sure to spot a variety of bird species in a few hours.


Hiking in Kundelungu has travellers going through the rugged area to the falls. The three waterfalls in Kundelungu National Park are the great Lofoli waterfall, Lutshipuka and Masansa waterfalls all of which are rewarding when hiked to the top. The views at the top of the falls are very rewarding that it makes hiking the falls worth the strain for some travellers.

Kundelungu National Park

Nature walks

Nature walks are a great way to explore the park, and learn of all its hidden treasures and history with the help of a knowledgeable guide. Nature walks have travellers enjoying the scenic views of the park, the wonderful sounds of not only the birds but also the waterfalls, see a number of different wildlife species including birds and animals like warthogs.


A number of water activities can be done in Kundelungu Park like swimming in the Lutshipuka falls, the only waterfall that accommodates swimming. Swimming can be done after a hectic activity in the park like hiking or nature walking.


The nature and surroundings of Kundelungu National Park are very lovely that travellers that do camping in the park can have a wonderful experience. Camping in Kundelungu National Park takes place at the top of the falls from where travellers get to enjoy the amazing views as well as sound of the waters splashing below.  

The Park can be visited all year long, with the best time to visit Kundelungu National Park being in the dry months of the year that run through June to August and also December to February when the roads are more passable, and the vegetation is not so thick that wildlife can be easily spotted. 

Getting to Kundelungu National Park is not so hard. Travellers can get to Kundelungu from Lubumbashi which is only 2 hours away by road. Travellers are advised to use 4WD vehicles while in the park.

Kundelungu National Park
Kundelungu National Park

Accommodation facilities for travellers on a Congo safari tour visiting Kundelungu National Park in particular are mostly without electricity, for those inside the park that travellers are encouraged to carry torches for extra light. Accommodation facilities outside but near the park that travellers can stay in include Mokorro hotel, Icon hotel among others.

The Park is a great park to visit while on a Congo safari tour, solely or along with other parks including Virunga National Park for a gorilla trekking experience. Reach out to a trusted tour operator of your choice and have a Congo safari tour visiting Kundelungu planned out for you.

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