Lonami National Park Wildlife Tour In Congo : Lonami National Park is a world-renowned wildlife destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The park is located in the Isangi region of the country, about 60 kilometers from DRC’s capital Kpando. The area includes savannah and forest habitats as well as a variety of unique species such as okapis and chimpanzees. This park has a tremendous amount of potential for tourism and ecotourism development. In this article I will discuss the biodiversity of the park and the ecological threats faced by the area. I will also describe how our local community can take an active role in protecting the park and its biodiversity for future generations.

The biodiversity of the Lonami National Park is rich and diverse. About 70 different species of animals can be found within the park including elephants, giraffes, lions, gorillas, zebras, and more than 500 species of birds. The park is also one of the most important sources of fresh water in the region and provides habitat for a variety of important species of fish and wildlife.

Lonami national park is home to a wide range of different animal species, including lions, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, elephants, zebras, and chimpanzees. Most of the animals in the park are wild animals that were released here after they were no longer able to roam freely in their natural habitats. There are many animals that inhabit the park which are now considered endangered species and are protected by international treaty. However, despite these protections, many animals still face danger when they venture outside the park boundaries. Poachers often hunt these animals for sport or for their meat, causing great harm to local ecosystems and putting the lives of many of the park’s inhabitants at risk. Unfortunately, the human population in the region is growing rapidly and the demand for meat and livestock has increased sharply in recent years. As a result, poaching has become a major problem in the area.

Lonami National Park Wildlife Tour In Congo
Lonami National Park Wildlife Tour In Congo


Within the park there are many hiking trails which provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to explore the natural environment and see wildlife at close range. There are also several camp sites which provide accommodation for visitors who want to stay for several days or longer. The facilities at these sites include restaurants, shops and bars as well as recreational facilities such as swimming pools and tennis courts. Visitors can also enjoy a number of activities and entertainment programs organized at the park throughout the year. These include sightseeing tours of the park by jeep, safari excursions to view wildlife and bird-watching excursions to spot various species of birdlife around the park. Other popular activities include guided hikes through the bush accompanied by an experienced guide.

As the park is located in a rural area it is lacking in basic amenities so visitors are advised to bring everything they need with them when staying there. There are limited facilities for visitors with disabilities and the medical facilities in the park are not of a very high standard.


There is a voluntary conservation programme at the Park which aims to protect the local wildlife and encourage species survival. The programme is run by a group of volunteers known as the Wildlife Conservation Group who work closely with the local rangers to monitor and protect the animals in the park. They organize a variety of events to promote conservation and raise awareness of the threats to the survival of endangered animal species. If you are interested in doing some good on your safari tour to Congo, this is one thing you could indulge in.

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