Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda is one of the most done activity by travellers who visit Rwanda for a safari. Golden monkey trekking is done in Volcanoes National Park, the home of mountain gorillas that it got to be famously referred to as a park where silver meets gold for the fact that Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda hosts a number of mountain gorillas that tourists can encounter with a gorilla trekking safari.

Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

About golden monkeys

Golden monkeys are a rare and an endangered species of primates with unique behaviours, golden monkeys have gold-like patches covered all throughout their body with other colours like white and brown. Golden monkeys have their noses facing upwards, thereby differentiating them from other monkey types. Golden monkeys do communicate with each other through gestures using hands, facial expressions as well as vocalization.

There are about 3500 golden monkeys in Rwanda, and they do live in groups with members as high as 100 per group. Golden monkeys usually live or sleep in bamboo plants which they put together. It is only the habituated golden monkeys that travellers can track. There are only two habituated golden monkey groups in Volcanoes National Park which travellers can visit with each having between 80-100 monkey individuals.

Golden monkey trekking is possible due to the availability of habituated golden monkey groups that travellers can visit while on a golden monkey trekking adventure in Volcanoes National Park. Golden monkeys in Rwanda live in bamboo vegetation just at the base of the volcanoes, unlike the mountain gorillas which live in higher altitude areas of Volcanoes National Park. Golden monkey trekking is the same experience as gorilla trekking, only that the golden monkeys can be easily found, unlike gorillas. 

Golden monkey trekking is an amazing activity that has travellers hiking to encounter them in their natural habitat, and spending only one with them once encountered. Whereas golden monkeys are a very active primate species, they are also shy. With their very active nature therefore, it is quite difficult to take proper photos for they jump from one tree to another with such speed. Golden monkey trekking in Rwanda can take as short as 30 minutes to reach the golden monkeys, or up to several hours depending on the speed of the golden monkey movements.

For one to take part in golden monkey trekking in Rwanda, purchase of a golden monkey trekking permit is required. Golden monkey permits cost only $100 per person per trek, and can be purchased from the Rwanda Development Board offices in Rwanda or through a reputable tour operator who would purchase them on your behalf. Golden monkey trekking in Rwanda allows only 8 travellers per group, and with the existence of only two habituated gorilla groups, it is advised to make bookings of golden monkey permits in advance to be guaranteed of one’s golden monkey trekking in Rwanda experience.

What to carry for a golden monkey trekking Safari is not any different from what one carries for a gorilla trekking safari. Among the items that one ought to carry for a successful golden monkey trekking in Rwanda experience include rain jackets that are preferably waterproof, good hiking shoes, a hat, insect repellent creams, as well as energy giving snacks and water. Be sure to have a hiking stick which can be got at the start of the hike or from your lodge of stay.

Accommodation for travellers on a golden monkey trekking safari can be got from any of the various lodging options available in Volcanoes National Park. Accommodation options range from luxury to budget, thereby catering for all sorts of travellers. Some of the accommodation options one can opt for include Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Ingagi Park View Lodge, Bisate Lodge, among so many others.

Golden monkey trekking is an awesome activity that travellers can do alongside other activities in Volcanoes National Park like gorilla trekking, nature walks, among so many others. Most travellers who visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking do have a complete primate safari with golden monkey and chimpanzee trekking. Book a Rwanda primate safari for an opportunity to encounter golden monkeys and enjoy golden monkey trekking, through a reputable tour operator.

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