Visiting Islands On An African Safari Tour : When planning a trip to an exotic location, many people naturally think of traveling to Africa. However, there are other beautiful and exotic destinations in the world that can offer a unique and thrilling travel experience. One such location is Zanzibar, which is home to several unique and magnificent islands. If you are planning an African safari tour, here are some random Islands that you have probably never heard of but still worth a visit. Read on to learn more about these islands and why you should plan to visit them during your trip.

Lukolela Island

The Lukolela Island is found in Lukolela, an idyllic spot located along the northern border of the DRC. It is a remote and untouched island that is perfect for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and relax in a tranquil environment. The island itself is quite small in size but offers visitors a pleasant beach where they can sunbathe and swim in the calm waters of the Indian Ocean. It is also home to a variety of wildlife species such as monkeys, flamingos, and giant tortoises. Guests can also catch a glimpse of some of the indigenous tribes that inhabit the island, such as the Pygmies and the Bantus.

 Likoma Island

Visiting Islands on An African Safari Tour
 Likoma Island

Likoma Island is the bigger of two islands in Lake Malawi found East of Africa. The smaller one is  Chizumulu. Likoma and Chizumulu  are both  located in Malawi, and together they make up the Likoma Region. While on Likoma Island, visitors can relax and unwind on the shores of the lake or visit the fishing village to catch a glimpse of the local way of life. They can also explore the nearby forest and visit one of the many local villages to learn more about the customs and traditions of the people there. There are also several small islands that are located within the vicinity of the mainland that offer even more opportunities for exploration and discovery. There are also some excellent dive sites in the area where guests can snorkel and enjoy spectacular views of underwater life, Visiting Islands on An African Safari Tour.

Maisha Island

It is a Southern Caribbean island (not the main island of Zanzibar) that has become very popular in recent years as a tourist destination. Visitors here can enjoy sunbathing on the pristine beaches and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of the island. They can also enjoy the tropical weather and picturesque scenery that is on offer here. While on the island, visitors can also visit the fishing village and explore the local markets and bazaars. Alternatively, they can just relax on the beach and soak up the sun while they wait for the day to end.

Nosy Ankao Island

Nosy Ankao or Nosy Anko is an island located off the northeast coast of Madagascar and the location of the new luxury island resort Miavana. The destination is an island with character, an oasis of peace where you can forget about all your troubles and reconnect with nature. It boasts crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches, making it a haven for those seeking rest and relaxation. On the island itself, guests can visit a local fishing village and interact with the locals to learn about their customs and way of life. They can also enjoy walking on the beach at sunset or exploring the lush green forests that surround the island. In addition to all of that, there are several beautiful waterfalls on the island that are the perfect spot for a relaxing dip in the water on a hot summer’s day.

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