Tsavo East National Park Animals

Tsavo East National Park animals are the top reason as to why thousands of travellers do visit, so as to have an encounter with the wildlife in the park. Tsavo East National Park animals contribute to over 90% activities in Tsavo East National Park that travellers can do while in the park. When one thinks of a safari or holiday in Africa, wild animals is what first comes to mind, and indeed, the Park has quite a large number of animals that travellers can see while in the park. The animals range from the African Big five, the big cats to the various different kinds of antelopes all found in the park. The most prominent of all Tsavo East National Park animals are the large herds of free ranging elephants and the Tsavo lions.

Tsavo East National Park is a true theatre of wildlife as is commonly known, for the abundant animals in the Park shall have you spotting a number of them from the time you set foot inside the park. while on various activities in Tsavo East National Park like game drives to observe the animals freely move in their natural habitat of vast open savannah grasslands, walking safaris, and so much more, you shall get to meet the animals every other side that you look, be sure to have a pair of binoculars to help you spot even those that may be far off.

Tsavo National Park
The Big 5

Tsavo East National Park is the largest and oldest national park of Kenya that was divided off Tsavo West National Park that together at first made up the great Tsavo National Park of Kenya, located along the coastal area. With the vastness of the park, the animals can be found here all throughout the year given that they are permanent inhabitants of the park. The animals are dominated by the free ranging elephants and the Tsavo lions which in the past had two specific man-eater lions that devoured about 150 Indians who were constructing the railway line then, until they were killed by Colonel Patterson. Elephants in Tsavo East National Park are commonly sighted along the Galana River. The animals in the Park include the famous African big five which the elephants and lions make part of, as well as leopards, rhinos and cape buffaloes. To most travellers on game drives in Tsavo East National Park, sighting the African big five as well as cheetahs makes their Africa safari experience complete.

Apart from the famous Africa big five, another category of animals in the Park include grazers which are about 70% of the total animal population in thr Park. Animals in the Park considered grazers or herbivores include gazelles, wildebeests, topis, giraffes, zebras, dik-dik, elands, and kobs among so many others. Elephants, buffaloes and rhinos too are grazers.

Another category of Tsavo East National Park animals are the carnivore or predator animals, which are mostly composed of the big cat family and the canine family. The big cat family are largely the kings of the jungle, for they are the most vicious predators, say the man-eater lions in the past, and the still high population of lions in Tsavo East National Park. other predator or canine animals include cheetahs, leopards, Janet Cat, African wild cat, hyenas, jackals, foxes, African wild dogs, mong so many others.

Elephants in Tsavo
Elephants in Tsavo

The aquatic Tsavo East National Park animals are those that can be found in the various water points in the park, like swamps and rivers. Aquatic animals of the Park include hippos and crocodiles, sometimes easily seen when ashore sunbathing.

Park animals can be seen and encountered all year through, on various activities in the Park like game viewing. The best time however for game viewing drives in the Park is during the dry or sunny season, which also doubles as the peak tourism season. This is because the roads and paths in the park are not slippery and muddy thereby easing accessibility. Also during the dry season, which usually falls in the months of June to October and December to February, has lakes and rivers drying up, leaving very few water points which the various Tsavo East National Park animals converge at to get a drink, enabling travellers spot most of them almost at once.

The Park is a great and vast wilderness filled with various wild animals that travellers can encounter on a Kenya wildlife safari tour, say the critically endangered Hunter’s Hartebeests if lucky. Get in touch with a reputable tour operator to pitch together an awesome wildlife safari in Kenya and get to see the various the animals that are in the park, and so much more like birds and great landscapes.

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