Tourist attractions in Rwanda

Tourist attractions in Rwanda : Rwanda welcomes over 1,000 tourists on a yearly basis but most of these travelers are looking to experience the mountain gorillas in the world. This opportunity to get within the closest proximity of the mountain gorillas, wild animals with who share 99% of the human DNA, is a much sought after and once in a lifetime experience and Rwanda offers the best experience. The mountain gorillas are only existing in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo in the entire world.

Rwanda is a small country but busting with major tourist opportunities besides the mountain gorilla trekking. Rwanda has a deep history and strong culture that you get to experience and learn more about on your Rwanda safari. The people of Rwanda are very welcoming and the country is a clean and safe one to visit any time of the year. While in Rwanda, here are a number of places to prioritize for your stay depending on your interests and the time you have in the country.

Volcanoes national park Rwanda.

The Volcanoes national park is a famous and much loved destination for the visitors of Rwanda and its closeness to Kigali the capital city of Rwanda makes it an easier destination to access for a brief visit. The Volcanoes national park is a 2 hour drive from Kigali and is located just close to the land border of Uganda in the north and the DR Congo in the west.

The major attraction of this destination is the mountain gorillas and there are about 18 habituated mountain gorilla families in the Volcanoes national park available for viewing and each of these gorilla families is limited to 8 visitors per day so be sure to book your permit in advance. Get to trek the golden monkeys or hike one of the volcanoes in the park or visit the Iby’iwachu cultural center for a cultural blend in your Rwanda safari.

Tourist attractions in Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes Park

Kigali Genocide Memorial

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is usually the first stop for guests starting a Rwanda tour as it offered in the complimentary Kigali city tour. The Kigali Genocide memorial was established to honor those who lost their lives during that gruesome 1994 Rwanda genocide and also tell the story to the visitors interested in this history.

On your visit to the Kigali Genocide memorial grounds, you will get to see the wall with names of the individuals who lose their lives and also a room called the Children’s room that exhibits the remains and the portraits of the youngest victims of the genocide. This has kept memories alive and also given the victims a resting place as there are about 250,000 graves of the victims at the grounds to thrill as Tourist attractions in Rwanda.

Nyungwe forest national park

The Nyungwe forest national park is located in Africa’s largest rain forest and is a home to up to 1,068 flora and up to 397 fauna. The most sought after attraction of the Nyungwe forest national park are the chimpanzee and most visitors come looking to experience the chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda. There are two chimpanzee families that have been habituated for visits in the Nyungwe forest. There are other primates that you can trek while in Nyungwe like the black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys or the grey cheeked mangabeys.

The Nyungwe forest national park is also the only place in the country where you can enjoy a canopy bridge walk in the forest. This 50 meters high canopy and 91 meter long bridge gives guests a bird’s view of the forest. This is currently the only canopy in the entire East Africa so be sure to book yourself a permit.

If you are not a fun of heights, on your visit to the Nyungwe forest, you may take on a nature hike on one of the 15 different nature trails in the Nyungwe forest national park or visit a tea plantation and explore the growth to consumption of tea.

Tourist attractions in Rwanda
Nyungwe Chimps

King’s palace museum

The King’s palace is one of Rwanda’s eight national museums and this museum is a replica of how the Rwanda King’s palace was built and run. The structures are made out of mud and grass thatch just as in the 15th century and also a fresh milk hut that was owned almost every family in the area.

Get to be a part of this and feel like you are in the colonial times and also be entertained by the traditional dancers at the museum. You will also see the ancient long horned cattle at the King’s Palace museum.

Akagera National park

A typical African safari is associated with a savannah game drive and this can only be achieved in the Akagera national park while in Rwanda. The Akagera national park welcomes visitors who are interested in viewing some game and this park is one of those where you can visit the Big 5 animals in one park while on your Tourist attractions in Rwanda safaris.

The Akagera national park is managed by the African Parks and the management has really put much effort in reviving this savannah land as it was one of the most affected during the Genocide and many animals were killed in the mix.

This is in the past of the park as you can spot a number of game while in Akagera like the lions, rhinos, elephants, zebras, the hippos and crocodiles when on a boat safari. Spot some birds as well as some monkeys in some parts of the park.

Tourist attractions in Rwanda
Akagera national park Big 5

Lake Kivu and Kigali

Kigali is the first city any international visitor will land at and usually people will be passing through to connect to their next destinations but Kigali has many outdoor activities to offer as well as Lake Kivu. These two cities offer guests a relaxing experience full of culture and lux as you can take on a leisurely stroll on the sandy beaches of lake Kivu or do some kayaking.

While in Kigali, you may visit the Kimironko market, the Rwanda Art Museum or an authentic Rwandan café. Get in touch with us and let us take you on the ultimate Rwanda experience at these and more tourist spots of the country.

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