Touring Lola Ya Bonobo Sactuary In Congo : There is no better way to learn about the natural world than by spending time in nature itself. And that’s exactly what you can do when visiting the Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary in Congo. This animal sanctuary is home to hundreds of bonobos, a highly endangered ape species native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is a rare opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat and learn more about them. Here are some things you should know about visiting the sanctuary and what it’s like to be there.

An Important Destination

The Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary is the world’s first nonprofit sanctuary dedicated to the well-being of bonobos, a highly endangered ape species endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was founded in 2007 by Dr. Christophe Boesch, a primatologist who has long been involved in the study of these animals. The goal of the sanctuary is to conserve bonobos and study the behavioral and social dynamics of this species in an effort to understand more about human culture and development. Over the years, it has become one of the most important places for studying these apes in the wild, with over 400 bonobos that have lived or are currently living at the site. While the majority of them live at the sanctuary’s primary site, there are also several satellite sanctuaries throughout the Congolese forests where the scientists work with local populations. The main sanctuary is located on an 80-hectare parcel of land in the Salonga National Park in eastern Congo. In addition to housing the animals, there is also a visitor center with a large exhibit that educates visitors about the bonobos and their way of life. Visitors can also tour the grounds and see the various habitats that the bonobos call home.

How To Get There

The sanctuary is located near the city of Kindu in northeastern Congo near the Kisangani airport. The easiest way to get there is to take a domestic flight to the nearest city, such as Kinshasa or Lubumbashi, and then take a connecting flight to Kindu. You can also drive to the sanctuary from the nearby town of Manono, which is about an hour away by car. Unfortunately, access to this site can be very limited so it’s best to plan your trip in advance. There are several tour operators that offer guided tours to the site as well as overnight stays. There are also a number of travel agencies in the area that can help you book your trip.

Touring Lola Ya Bonobo Sactuary In Congo
Touring Lola Ya Bonobo Sactuary In Congo

Visiting the Sanctuary

When you first arrive at the sanctuary you will be greeted by one of the staff that will answer any questions you may have and provide you with a map so you can get around. Depending on when you visit, there may be some tours available but it’s best to check with the staff to see what is available at the time. Most of the tours are conducted by guides who are local residents and they will show you around the sanctuary and explain some of the things you to see and do while there. Each tour typically lasts about three hours and costs about $60 per person. In addition to the guided tour, there is also an exhibit at the visitor center where you can check out a short video and learn more about the bonobos and their habitat. If you’re feeling adventurous on your Congo safari tour you can also check out the zip line course that is on the grounds just outside of the main sanctuary building!

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