Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari in Tanzania

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari in Tanzania is one of the most amazing experiences you shall get to encounter while on a Tanzania safari tour. A Serengeti hot air balloon safari in Tanzania is a thrilling and spectacular experience worth experiencing even if it is but just once in your life. A hot air balloon safari in Tanzania gives travellers a bird’s eye view of the entire savannah plains of the great Serengeti National Park. 

Serengeti National Park is a beautiful Tanzania national park that is world-famous for the vast savannah plains from where thousands of big five Africa game roam, as well as over 1 million wildebeests and other abundant wild game including zebras, antelopes, gazelles and so much more. The landscape of the Serengeti as well as the scenery is very breath taking, and taking a look at it all come to life or go to sleep in the evening with different hues of colour being formed is a memory you shall behold for an eternity. 

Hot air balloon safaris in Tanzania leave from three sites of the park. In the Central of Serengeti National Park, wildlife here gathers all year round in the Seronera area due to the presence of the Seronera  River which is a source of water for the wild game that they do concentrate here, especially during the dry season. In the central Serengeti area, the great wildebeest migration does pass through here in the months of May and June. 

The Western Serengeti area encompasses Grumeti River and has great scenery and also experiences the great wildebeest migration in the months of June and July when the crocodiles are most active thus devouring many of the crossing wildebeests and other wild game as they cross to the other side. In the south Serengeti plains, these famous migrating wildebeests assemble from December going forward to calve in February thereby producing about 8000 new born every day a three-week marathon like spectacle. 

Given this much activity in the savannah plains of the Serengeti national park, you shall definitely enjoy your stay in Serengeti National Park, with Serengeti hot air balloon safari in Tanzania giving you the most rewarding experience. A Serengeti hot air balloon tour in Tanzania has you floating over the savannah plains with all the activity beneath, allowing you an opportunity to get aerially closer to the wild game and scenery, seeing much more than you could have while on a game drive in Serengeti National Park

Hot air balloon safari in Tanzania can be done all day, but the conditions are more favourable early in the morning. You are required to rise early in the morning, be transferred to the start of the hot air balloon safari, have a short brief as the balloon is being lit and then get to fly up above the Serengeti plains of Serengeti National Park to watch as the plains do come to life with the sunrise moving majestically exuding stunningly beautiful colours over horizons that are picturesque. Be sure to have a camera to capture the beauty that you shall encounter while floating over the Serengeti Plains of Serengeti National Park. Watch a spread of wildlife as they return from their nightly activities with some just getting out to start their day. After, you shall have a bush breakfast, enjoyed leisurely in the wilderness!

To take part in this amazing Serengeti hot air balloon safari in Tanzania, you are advised to book earlier given that the hot air balloons do take a limited number of people per day due to limited seating availability and the balloons are few in number as well. Only persons above seven years can take part in the Serengeti hot air balloon safari in Tanzania. Weight is a crucial aspect when it comes to hot air balloon safaris. Because of this, the maximum weight a single person can have is 120kgs, with persons with more than 120kgs having to book double seats on the hot air balloon. 

The hot air balloon is a basket woven with compartments for extra comfort and security for each travellers. A hot air balloon safari takes about one hour of voyage up in the skies of the Serengeti plains, and takes about 16 passengers. After, there is usually a celebratory champagne and breakfast in the wilderness. Each of the hot air balloon safaris in Serengeti National Park is unique, with some going so high up that you enjoy great panoramic views, while others may just be low enough that you may get to see the wild game individually at close-enough range.

A Serengeti hot air balloon tour is not a cheap experience, one needs to part with quite a chunk. Discuss this matter with your tour operator, who would help arrange a memorable yet of value hot air balloon safari. This Serengeti hot air balloon safari in Tanzania is a perfect activity for honeymooners, or travellers travelling luxury.

Other activities in Serengeti National Park that you may enjoy alongside a Serengeti hot air balloon safari in Tanzania include game drives, walking safaris, and so much more. You may also include a beach safari to this your hot air balloon safari. Whatever you choose or decide to do, enjoy your stay in the Serengeti Plains of Serengeti National Park.

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