Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking Gear

Nyiragongo volcano hiking gear are those important items or equipment that any traveller intending to undergo hiking the Nyiragongo volcano should consider packing. Hiking Mount Nyiragongo is one of every travellers’ desire and many have it included in their Congo safaris tours. Mount Nyiragongo is one of the two active volcanoes in the Virunga Conservation Area with the other being Mount Nyamulagira. Mount Nyiragongo is a stratovolcano that has the world’s largest lava lake, for which reason millions of travellers from far and wide move to have a glimpse of it and marvel at it. The views during the hike of the Nyiragongo are very wonderful, travellers are rewarded with sights of amazing landscapes, the other volcanoes and loads of flora and fauna. Mount Nyiragongo has steep slopes that get steeper as the altitude increases, as well as the temperatures. Having the right packing list for hiking Mount Nyiragongo is therefore very important to have a successful experience. Below are some of the important Nyiragongo volcano hiking gear;

Suitable hiking boots

Just like one hike or climbs a mountain, hiking boots are very important during the activity of hiking the Nyiragongo. These hiking boots should have a very strong grip, comfortable, waterproof and able to keep you warm enough even at the summit that can be very freezing despite the churning magma of the lava lake.

Rain jacket or raincoat 

One of the important Nyiragongo volcano hiking gear is a rain jacket or raincoat that any traveller should carry. This rain jacket should be able to shield you from the heavy rains when it does pour, despite the season. Travellers are reminded to make sure that the rain jacket or raincoat is light though not too light that a mere thorn could tear through it, such that they are not inconvenienced by the weight during the hike of Mount Nyiragongo.


Gloves cover one’s hands and protect them from scratches when they try to hold on to a steep slope or vegetation cover, as well as stings from insects. Gloves also provide a firm grip on the hiking stick, as well as keep hands warm when in the cold.

Warm clothes 

Mount Nyiragongo gets colder as one ascends higher and higher. The summit in particular is freezing cold. Travellers are encouraged to pack extra warm cloths to keep oneself warm, say a sweater, long underwear, warm socks, waterproof pants, a hat and the like.  A sleeping bag could also come in handy, for it will keep you extra warm in the night while at the summit.

A torch

Travellers are reminded to carry a torch that would help them see around given that there is no electricity at the summit. One would require a torch while moving around to say the bathrooms, kitchen, least they stumble. 

Portable charger

There is no electricity at the summit of Mount Nyiragongo. Carrying a portable charger so as to keep your items like phones, IPads, laptops and the like powered and be able to use them again when you need them.  


Having a backpack, that is preferably waterproof, is a good choice in order to safe keep your gadgets and important documents. 

Sunscreen and insect repellent creams

Sunscreen comes in handy when the sun is scortching, to protect your skin from much damage. Insect repellent creams protect one from insect bites during the hike. Carrying both sunscreen and insect repellent creams could come in handy.

Camera and binoculars 

A camera will capture all the sights and images that you would love to gaze at long after your hike. Binoculars would have you sighting amazing scenery mostly while descending the Nyiragongo volcano. 

Energy giving snacks and water

The hike can have a toll on any traveller. With energy giving snacks like chocolate, one can have some lost strength regained and be able to hike further. The water is to keep you refreshed at all times. 

Hiring a porter

Hiring a porter, which is done at the base of the volcano before the start of the hike, is very important even if you think you do not need one. Hiking Mount Nyiragongo is quite strenuous with the steep slopes and the wobbly rocks. Porters will help you during the hike to push or pull you, and carry your luggage such that you are less burdened. 

Hiking stick

That hiking stick got at the start of hike might seem useless at the beginning but it is very important along the way. Some travellers actually start making use of it at the first segment of the Nyiragongo hike. This hiking stick helps to keep you balanced during the hike of the Nyiragongo volcano, especially when hiking through the wobbly rocks.

Travellers are reminded to also remember carrying toiletries like toothpaste, towels and the like for their Nyiragongo volcano hike. Having an emergency first aid kit with you could also come in handy for when you get small accidents like cuts or bruises.

Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking Gear
Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking Gear

With all the Nyiragongo volcano hiking gear in place, one should make sure that they have a Nyiragongo hiking permit for them to be able to hike the volcano to see the lava lake. A Nyiragongo hiking permit costs $300 per person per hike and it can be got from Virunga National Park or booked through a reputable tour operator. Make sure to get in touch with a reputable tour operator to help you plan a wonderful Nyiragongo volcano hiking experience, as well as give you loads of information about the stratovolcano before you even arrive, like the Nyiragongo volcano hiking gear, the best time to hike the Nyiragongo, and so much more.

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