Facts about the Mount Nyiragongo : The Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano located in the Virunga national park Congo, the home of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world. The Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano with the latest eruption in 2021. This volcano is common for its active volcanic activity in the area along with the neighboring volcano the Mount Nyamulagira.

The mount Nyiragongo is elevated at about 3,250 meters which is approximately 10,660 feet and after the eruption of January 1977, the lake depth was estimated at 600 meters approximately 2,000 feet. There are more interesting facts about the Mount Nyiragongo before going for Congo Safaris Tours and this write up highlights these.

Has had 35 times

The Mount Nyiragongo is one of the Virunga volcanic mountains however is the most active along with the Mount Nyamulagira which is in close proximity. The Mount Nyiragongo has recorded about 34 volcanic eruptions with the 35th being the latest in May 2021 in the last 30 years. These eruptions usually last a day or two however there have been those experienced for a longer time to a year.

Difficult hike

The Mount Nyiragongo can be hiked to the summit for an overnight in the Nyiragongo summit shelters. The hike permit up the Mount Nyiragongo goes for 300 USD minus the camping equipment commonly referred to as the Nyiragongo backpack that goes for 100 USD per person. Putting the fees aside, it is important to prepare physically for the Nyiragongo hike as this is a physically demanding and challenging and reaching the summit may not be a piece of cake.

With the Mount Nyiragongo being at an elevation of 11,400 feet, you will need to be ready for this altitude for a chance to spot the lava lake.

Very liquid lava

The Mount Nyiragongo is a volcano like the others and also has eruptions like the other volcanic mountains however the lava that flows out of the Mount Nyiragongo is unique in a way that it is much more fluid and flows at a faster rate thus the massive and faster destruction of this volcano.

Facts about the Mount Nyiragongo
Mount Nyiragongo

The lava of the Mount Nyiragongo tends to flow at a speed of 60 miles per hour and this was testified with the eruption in 1977 and this was a deadly eruption that quickly spread out to the villages surrounding the volcano claiming up to 70 lives and destroying mass properties of those communities while on Congo Safaris Tours.

 Toxic gases/ Carbon dioxide emitted from Mount Nyiragongo

The Mount Nyiragongo has been said to be responsible for polluting the air of the surrounding areas especially after an eruption. After an eruption from the Mount Nyiragongo, the localized carbon dioxide also commonly referred to as the “mazuku” has been known to be released into the air.

These gases are very toxic to an extent of claiming lives of humans especially the children unfortunately. These gases sip through the cracks in the ground and they are thereafter spread out by winds reaching masses.

2021 Eruption

With the world coming out from a pandemic and finally stabilizing, the Mount Nyiragongo seemed to not be ready for the stability and in May 2021, the volcano once again erupted abruptly causing many to flee into the neighboring Rwanda.

Facts about the Mount Nyiragongo
Facts about the Mount Nyiragongo

This was the last recorded eruption of the Mount Nyiragongo and has since then been calm with no activity recorded. The lava lake has been empty for a while however it will still be early to consider this a dormant or extinct volcano.

Largest Lava lake

The Mount Nyiragongo has the world’s largest lava lake with the lake having a width of 1.2 kilometers and a depth of 200 meters deep. This lava lake can be spotted on a clear night at the Nyiragongo summit shelter.

We look forward to hearing from you about your visit to the Mount Nyiragongo.

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