Cultural Sites in Uganda : Uganda is well known as the country in the all of east Africa to be the country with the big number of the ethnic groups, leave alone the wildlife Uganda’s culture sites have been important to Ugandan’s and international tourists.

Uganda has many tribes like Buganda, Batooro, Alur, Bagisu, Basoonga, Bateso, Banyankole and other tribes among themselves which all of them have different culture norms and beliefs. Those tribes had their own leaders who where the leaders of their clan, some tribes had chiefdoms and others had kings, since the government came into power, it abolished the kingdoms and chiefdoms thus bringing togetherness in Uganda.

Some culture sites in Uganda include kasubi tombs, ndere culture and heritage gardens, Uganda museum, igoogo cultural gardens, kabaka palace and among others.

Uganda museum

Uganda museum was built in 1885 to mold an preserve the culture of Uganda’s history. It the best place in Uganda that would give you the all historical background of all tribes in Uganda and their beliefs. It has the instruments like spears, drums, arrows and some archaeological remains which are used on Uganda court of arm, thus leaving an image in someone’s mind making Uganda the country of peace and protection. Uganda museum is located on old Kira road in kamwonkya division.

Kabaka palace

Lubiri or mengo palace is one of the kabaka’s palace /residents. It was built in 1885 and it’s a great palace in Buganda kingdom everyone would wish to visit in order to know the historical back of uganda, the palace has architecture and covers an area of square miles.

Visitors are free to visit the palace during the week days. The opposite side of the palace there is the parliament of Buganda kingdom their visitors are given chances of sitting and listening the session of parliamentary elders of Buganda.

Bigo-bya mugyenyi

This culture site is located in sembabule district locally known as “fort strangers” for the bachwezi, its believed that demi-gods lived in the area of hundred years ago. Bigo- bya mugyenyi will get more visitors in future If what is there is preserved.

Kasubi tombs

Tombs are the main treasures in Buganda kingdom and a leading tourist attraction in Buganda and Uganda at large. The tombs are UNESCO world heritage site and receives a thousands of people in a year. The tombs can be accessed from makerere via rubaga and mengo road. It is the burial ground for kabaka’s in Buganda kingdom.

Igoogo culture centre

The culture centre is privately owned culture centre, found in mbarara district along the highway of kampala. The centre was built on the grounds of the formers palace of Ankole. igongo culture centre it’s the only place that will give information about ankle culture and norms and beliefs about the tribes of Ankle people. The centre has museum, restaurants and nice craft shops designed with cultural design.

Nyero Rock painting

Inoder to see the rock painting, you wil have to travel to the eastern uganda, leaving kumi district along ngero road. The amazing painting were left behind by humans living in the area during the iron age. The painting shows several symbols including canoes and animals that once roamed the area.

Bahia temple

The Bahia temple is located in kikaya hill in kisasi division, its known as mother temple in Africa, its 4miles from Kampala city on Gayaza is one of the many house of worship of different religious persuasion in Uganda and signifies the religious.

The temple was built in 50years ago between 1958-1961, it’s also sits on 52arces of land. The Bahia faith was established in Iran and later called Persians, the Bahia temple’s architecture in Uganda was designed by shoghi Effendi and Charles Mason Remey but sadly he passed on one month after its foundation and he was laid to rest in October 1958.

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