Burundi Safaris

Burundi safaris take travellers to some of the very best Burundi destinations, including the very top Burundi national parks from where travellers can get an opportunity to explore and experience the natural beauty that Burundi has to offer. Burundi is a landlocked country bordered by Rwanda in the north, Tanzania in the south, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and Lake Tanganyika in the south too. Burundi, though with not as much to offer to tourists like her neighbours in the East African region, is endowed with just enough natural resources and wildlife that tourists can get to see and experience while on Burundi safaris.

Attractions in Burundi that tourists can get to experience and explore on Burundi safaris include amazing landscapes, mountaintops, tropical forests, lakes, plateaus, amazing wildlife including primates, as well as a very rich and authentic African culture. These attractions can be found in various destinations and Burundi national parks like Rusizi River National Park, Kibira National Park, Ruvubu National Park, Bururi Nature Reserve, Mount Heha, Chutes de la Karera, Saga beach and the national museum of Gitega, among so many others.

When to go

Burundi safaris can be enjoyed all year round. Travellers can therefore go to Burundi throughout the year to enjoy various Burundi attractions and destinations. During the dry season which falls in the months of June through August however, is the best time to go for Burundi safaris since the roads to various attractions and Burundi destinations are more passable. Also, there are a number of tourists in Burundi national parks, so travellers can enjoy the company if they wished to. During the wet season, the roads and paths to and in various Burundi national parks are quite impassable, therefore proving a challenge. Some travellers are however up for the challenge and opt to visit during the wet season, thus the conclusion that travellers can go for Burundi Tours all year long.

Burundi accommodation facilities in the various tourist destinations may not be well developed, and those that are good enough do get sold out very fast. To ease your accommodation during Burundi safaris, leave all the burden to a trusted tour operator to deal with it. Given the limited “good” Burundi accommodation in say Burundi national parks, booking in advance is advised. Most of the comfortable lodging options travellers can stay in while on Burundi safaris are quite at a distance from the destination, careful planning is therefore important; thus your need for a knowledgeable and reliable tour operator.

Burundi Tours can be done alone, or spiced up with a Rwanda gorilla safari, Uganda safaris, Congo safaris plus the big 5 viewing during Tanzania safaris or Kenya safaris. Combining all these to do an East African safari is quite thrilling. Check out some of our Burundi safaris packages developed that you may choose from to go explore Burundi, and experience one of the most amazing cultures in Africa. These Burundi safaris packages below can be customised to fit your particular preferences, just reach us and we shall help you put together a wonderful and memorable Burundi safari experience.