Big Five Safaris in Uganda : Uganda as a country is one of the cool destinations where tourists can be able to spot the big five animals. In addition, this term “the big five” originated from the big game hunters who always referred to these species as the most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot. However, currently seeing the big five animals in the wild is one of the top goals to see for all the individuals who travel while on adventurous safari in Uganda.  the big five animals not only being considered as the most dangerous animals, they are also the most popular species for big gamers to hunt and among them, the lion is seen as the leading member due to the fact that it is also commonly referred to as the “the King of the Jungle”. Therefore, the big five include the following bellow;

  1. The African Lion.

The African lion is referred to as the king of the Jungle and it is the largest cat compared to the others. The lions are noted to live within the savannah grasslands, dense and tropical forests, shrubs as their natural habitats where they camouflage as they stalk their prey, which makes their hunting process easy. More so, lions body is efficiency for the hunt and they are seen to have muscular legs with fore limbs which are designed for striking, gripping, seizing and the have the hind legs which are designed for pouncing. In addition, they also have a powerful well-built jaw, which is made up of 30 conical teeth, and the canine teeth, which are long and sharp, pointed to about 8cm, which they always use to pierce and tear the flesh and the molar teeth, which they use to cut and tenderize the chunks of meat.

More so, here are of the facts that tourists should know about lions and some of these include;

  • The lion species tend to be social among themselves because they live in groups called prides and these groups always consist of the related females with their cubs.
  • In addition, these lion species always say hello to each other by rubbing cheeks.
  • Lions are the loudest species within the game parks because the males roar can be heard from distance of about 8 kilometers away.
  • Lion species are strong and fast animals despite their size because they able to walk a distance of about 4 kilometers but able to run about 60 kilometers per day.

More so, for tourists who have their big interest in seeing the African lions can always opt to visit places like; Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison falls national, kidepo valley national park and many others. In addition, apart from within Uganda, lions can spotted from Masai Mara National park in Kenya and within Ngorongoro crater conservation area, which is found in Tanzania.

  1. African Elephant.

The African elephants are known to be herbivorous animals which have long truck and large ears however, those for the male species happen to be longer than those for the females, they have round heads, little hair on their skin, the upper incisors which form a long curved tusks of ivory and the most interesting part is about how they feed, elephants eat up about 450 kilograms of vegetation per day. In addition, they usually seen staying within the forest savanna, sub desert areas when the water is available and within the mountain forests which they consider as there natural habitats.

The African buffalos are also best spotted from Uganda Safari destinations like; Kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth National park among others.

  1. African Leopards.

The African Leopards are famously known as the champions of athlete in the cat world in Uganda and interesting part about them is that they are able to pull around five times much force as the same weight of the human athletes therefore they are noted to pull about seven times as hard. More so, these leopard species feed on other different animals such as; mice, insects, fish, and other species like; antelopes, dogs and they are likely to also eat any other dead animal they find. Leopards are seen to creep up and attack other animals by biting their neck and they usually search for their food at night.

Big Five Safaris in Uganda

The African leopards also live in areas like; woodlands, highland forests and rocky countries and they are spotted within places like; Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison falls national park, Kidepo valley national park among others.

  1. Cape Buffalos.

The Cape buffalo is considered to be also the most dangerous compared to the other big five because it is rarely hunt by lions. This animal species has a very long heavily built body with the short thickest legs however; those for the males are larger than the females. More so, the savannah buffaloes have dark brown coat and live within montane forests, savanna grasslands and near the rivers and lakes.

  1. Rhinos

The Rhinos are known to be herbivorous animals, which have two upright horns on their nose bridge and a wide mouth, which they use for grazing, and the mature male rhinos are seen to have 2.6 tones whereby the females have about 1.7 tones. More so, the white rhinos are larger, bulkier compared to the black rhinos, and they have a broad and wide mouth, which they usually use for grazing. More so, these species are social among themselves because they hang out in large families and within the grasslands and savannah with scrub as their natural habitats.  In addition, for tourists who want to see these species are encouraged to visit the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary because it is the only place in the country where one can see the Rhinos.

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