Best time to observe wildlife in Kenya : Kenya is a wonderful country with breathtaking scenery and variety of wildlife; it is every safari lover’s dreamland. There is nothing similar to the feeling of meeting animals in their native environment that causes thrill. Nevertheless, the time when you make a visit to this place influences much in how you will enjoy your safari adventure. Knowing when to view wildlife in Kenya may help to increase your chance of experiencing the liveliest and most alive animal kingdom.

The Great Migration of Maasai Mara

The Great migration is one of Kenyas’s most iconic wildlife event that attracts many nature lovers and photographers from all over the world. The great wildlife migration of these animals entails movement of over a million wildebeests together with zebra and other kinds of herbivores out from Serengeti to rich grassland fields of Maasai Mara. To see these astonishing migrations, visit between July and October. It is during the rainy seasons that the Mara River turns into a thrilling scene of animal struggles for survival as wildebeests fight their way across to the other side while having to outsmart the lurking crocodiles.

Dry Season

Dry season in kenya starts from late june till october and it is the best time for wildlife watching. There is a shortage of water in such period forcing animals to congregate at wells and rivers where they could easily be observed. Elephant, giraffe, lion and many others scatter the golden savannas of national parks like Tsavo and Amboseli. In addition, the bright skies and favorable climates facilitate the adventure for one to enjoy it more.

The wet season and its lush greenery.

Although, during the dry season one can access the best wildlife experiences, the rainy season, commencing in December and ending in May shows off another version of Kenya. These changes turn the landscape into beautiful green garden covered in bloomers of diverse colors. Migratory birds move into this country making this season perfect for bird watching; these add colour to an already beautiful landscape. The wet season has soft and evenly diffused light that is ideal for photographers, creating beautiful misty images of wild animals again a green background.

Amboseli National Park

If you want to capture Africa’s wild animals in the background of Snow-covered Mt. Kilimanjaro, then Kenya Amboseli national park should be on your tour list. It is advisable for an individual to visit Amboseli in the dry season where clouds do not block the beautiful scenery of the great peak. Taking pictures of the giant elephant, wildebeest and zebras walking on the large plains of this park against the background of the tall Kilimanjaro mountain is the best that one can get during the four months of July to October every year. Sunrise and sunset are magical moments which occur due to playing with light and shadows.

Best time to observe wildlife in Kenya
Amboseli Kenya Wildlife Safari

Safari Etiquette

Of course, the time of your visit is important but following safe Kenya safaris practices should be equally important. Keep away from the animals’ habitat and show respect for them. Stay away from scaring animals by being too loud and do not cause any abrupt movements. You should also listen to your experienced safari guide as he has a clear understanding of wildlife behavior and local environment. If you observe these guidelines, you leave a legacy worth appreciating by all the next generation Kenyans.

Off the Beaten Path

The famous Kenyan National Parks aside, the country hides some incredible experiences with wild animals. Reticulated giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, and Somali ostriches are some of the rare species that one can find at Samburu National Reserve which is in the northern side of the country. Your safari adventures are set against the reserve’s beautiful scenery – arid landscapes and rivers that flow in zigzags. Another lesser known treasure is the Meru national park that became famous through “born free” a book by Joy Adamson. Rhinos, leopards, and hippos can be found in the wild here providing an exclusive safari experience free from crowds and people.


Finally, the best time to view wildlife in Kenya is a matter of preference and the kind of adventure you want to have. From the great scenes of migration to taking beautiful photographs against Mount Kilimanjaro and exploring secret places full of rare animals, Kenya has some of the best things that you wouldn’t want to miss any time of year. Make sure you do your safaris at the right time and show some courtesy to nature; then, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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