Best Tanzania Safaris Destinations: Tanzania is a popular safari location in Africa. The wildlife watching is amazing, with large cats being especially visible. All five members of the Big Five may be found in Tanzanian parks and reserves, including the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. Almost 40% of the nation is protected and set aside for conservation, making it possible to spend two weeks on a Tanzania safari driving from park to park without seldom leaving the savannah lands.

Best Tanzania Safaris Destinations.

Serengeti National Park.

So, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is an incredible location. It is about 13,000 square kilometers in size and is perhaps the world’s most important national park.

Serengeti means “endless plains that reach way up to the sky” in Swahili, the indigenous Tanzanian language, and it’s magnificent because it’s a massive enormous flat plain. It is notably well-known for the migration of a million wildebeest, a few hundred thousand zebras, a couple hundred thousand gazelles, and other animals from the dry to the wetter parts of the nation in search of food and water.

It was founded in 1951. Tanzania’s first National Park. So, the beautiful thing about the Serengeti is that you will get to witness the “big five”. Visitors can always spot four of the “big five” in one day: elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard, but no rhino.

But, on top of that, you will spot a lot of animals. Get an opportunity to observe a lot of hippos, as well as gazelles, zebras, baboons, monkeys, and giraffes. That’s the Serengeti, a fantastic destination to visit in Tanzania and one of the most famous places to visit in the world.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area allows both humans and animals to live there. The National Park is only for wildlife. So, the Conservation Area is around 160 kilometers from Arusha and is a very magnificent area.

The real protected area comprises around 80,000 Maasai people who dwell here. The crater, however, is the most important feature of Ngorongoro. It is the biggest uninterrupted caldera on the planet.

It’s essentially a large open amphitheater. The walls stand 600 meters tall. The interior is 260 kilometers square. It’s just a large flat region. It features broad grasslands, bogs, and lakes (both fresh and salt water lakes), but what’s truly astounding about this region formed by a volcano is that it can house up to 30,000 species at any given time.

The “big five” may be found here. Get a chance to see four of the “big five” during a game drive. Look out for a variety of wildlife such as the African savanna elephant, a rhinoceros, a buffalo, zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, ostriches, warthog and a lion.

Tarangire National Park

It is an absolute need. Tarangire National Park, which is 120 kilometers from Arusha and 160 kilometers from Kilimanjaro International Airport, making it quite accessible if you’re flying in from there.

It is Tanzania’s sixth biggest park and the fifth to open following independence from Britain. Tarangire National Park opened in 1971. In terms of major attractions, there are several baobab trees throughout the park, and the Tarangire River serves as a natural magnet for animals throughout the dry season.

So, during the dry season, which lasts from July to September, it’s very difficult for animals to find water, but the river keeps flowing, so many of the big animals that left during the wetter seasons (when they migrate to other parts of the country where there’s plenty of vegetation) tend to migrate back here.

So, visiting Tarangire national park during the dry season is quite beneficial. Tarangire National Park, then. It’s a lovely park and one of the must-see attractions.

Visit the Maasai Bomas

The Maasai are people you’ll see as you travel across Tanzania, and they’re easily identifiable since they wear cloth robes in bright colors like red and blue. But they are the indigenous people and a very significant tribe in Tanzania, and you may visit several communities around the nation to learn about their heritage, history, and way of life. More experience with Tanzania safaris and culture excursions.

Best Tanzania Safaris Destinations
Maasai Bomas

Enjoy some traditional dance and singing in the settlement. The locals will demonstrate how they produce fire without utilizing any combustibles (no matches etc). They will also show you their homes. How homes are built. You travel inside a house, then to the school, and finally you get the opportunity to purchase some exquisite craft work. Going to the village provides you a true sense and knowledge of the Maasai people of Tanzania, as well as the opportunity to contribute back to the community.

When is the best time to visit Tanzania?

A Tanzania safari may be planned at any time of year, but the optimal period is determined by your preferences. If watching the wildebeest migration is the major reason for your vacation, you will need to arrange ahead of time.

 The best time to watch the Serengeti migration is from June to October, but you’ll have to remain in different regions of the park at different periods of the migration, which isn’t fully predictable because it all relies on the weather.

If you want to avoid the throng, plan your Serengeti accommodations away from the wildebeest migration. March through May are the wettest months, and any safari may be jeopardized, Best Tanzania Safaris Destinations

How is wildlife viewing during Tanzania Safaris?

Tanzania has excellent wildlife watching opportunities. The Northern Circuit of Tanzania safaris includes Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks, the Serengeti, and the Ngorongoro Crater. Any of these parks provide excellent game viewing opportunities, but some are seasonal. The experience is enhanced by completing the entire circuit, as you will pass through a variety of ecosystems and settings.

Because of the scale of the parks, you can avoid the crowds, but because this is the most popular circuit, you will be surrounded by other visitors at times. If you really want to get away from it all, you may head to the Southern circuit, where the game watching is little more difficult but still quite fantastic, Best Tanzania Safaris Destinations

How Safe is Tanzania for tourists?

Tanzania has a sophisticated and experienced tourism business, and a Tanzanian safari is quite secure. However, there is a lot of minor crime in major towns like Dar es Salaam, so roaming around alone is not advised.

Tourists are occasionally targeted in Arusha and other urban tourist hotspots, although most of the time the bother is innocuous and is actually simply locals trying to sell stuff (anything from safaris to beaded necklaces). It is typically enough to be solid and maintain your stance to defuse any situation.

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