Best secrets of a Tanzania safari : Tanzania is one of the most excellent safari destinations in Africa and for thousands of sightseers come to have and great marvel thrilling adventures in the country, with those of different ambitions and love for adventure Tanzania is the destination.

Tanzania is known to have thousands of thrilling activities that can be engaged in while you are at the different safari destinations in the country, and when looking for great and excellent safari activities the destination to go is the republic of Tanzania.

Tanzania is fills with gems that one may not get to understand until they get to step into the country and for that case Tanzania safari will bring to you some of the hidden secrets that are in Tanzania.

Tanzania Safari will always exceed your expectations and fulfil all of your ambitions despite of what you wish to explore and venture upon. Whether you are going on a luxury safari tour or a more straightforward camping vacation, it is a destination worth seeing.

Visit Serengeti, Ngorongoro & Tarangire.

Tanzania’s Northern Circuit includes the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire, three of East Africa’s best safari destinations. Furthermore, every ardent safari enthusiast has these parks on their list due of their close vicinity. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to visit these incredible parks during your Luxury Safari Tanzania tour, as they are among the finest wildlife safari destinations in the world.

Tanzania is home to distinctive and delicious cuisine.

Tanzania is the place to go if you want to satisfy your appetite more. You may taste wild game like crocodiles, warthogs, gazelles, and even ostriches in Tanzania. Samosas, pilau rice, and tilapia fish are among the other prominent local choices. The use of coconut, cardamom, garlic, and turmeric adds a noticeable taste that sets this dish apart from other traditional recipes.

Additionally, you won’t have any trouble locating fresh, privately grown fruit, such as coffee, nuts, vegetables, or natural products.

Serengeti – The oldest ecosystems on the planet.

One of the planet’s oldest and most important biological systems from a scientific standpoint is the Serengeti National Park. The region has an aura of antiquity due to its temperature patterns, wildlife, and vegetation, all of which are thought to have changed in the last few million years.

The region also serves as the ancestral home of humans. The nearby Olduvai Gorge was home to early humans approximately 2 million years ago. Here have been discovered remnants of early tool manufacturing as well as various antiques.

Home of the tree climbing lions – Lake Manyara National Park.

Arusha and the Serengeti frequent Lake Manyara National Park for a multitude of reasons, including its enormous diversity of birdlife and its lazing hippos. But the lions that scale trees in the park are a particularly well-liked sight for visitors. This peculiar sight sets the park from all other parks in Tanzania.

Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara National Park

The great migration sees Over 2 million animals travel across the plains.

Known as the “Greatest Show on Earth,” an estimated one to two million herbivores follow the annual rains over the Serengeti and into Kenya’s Maasai Mara in search of new Greenfields. Spend a few minutes sitting calmly in your safari vehicle and listen for the constant sounds of the wildebeest. You will be astounded by their huge numbers, incessant mooing, and natural rhythm and synchronization.

There’s no question that this is the world’s greatest wildlife extravaganza. It is very amazing to witness many wildebeest and zebra walking in 40-kilometer lengths, and you shouldn’t miss it when on a Tanzania safari tour.

The beaches of Zanzibar are stunning.

Even though beaches might not be your first thought when planning an African safari, a trip to the stunning island of Zanzibar is the ideal way to cap off your safari.

Gorgeous beaches may be found in Zanzibar. Seen as the world’s most beautiful beaches, they boast white sand, glistening blue waves, and swaying palms. One of the highlights of your Tanzania Luxury Safari adventures may be a beach vacation in Zanzibar.

The Kipunji – The new monkey species found only in Tanzania.

Tanzania is one of the few areas on Earth where new animal species are constantly being discovered. The most recent was the discovery of a new monkey species called Kipunji in 2003.

Kipunji, sometimes referred to as the highland mangabey, is an Old World monkey species found in Tanzania’s Ndundulu Forest Reserve. Only about 1,000 kipunji monkeys are thought to exist worldwide, and they are all located in Tanzania!

Don’t follow the herds.

In a yearly cycle, the wildebeest migrate to find the best grazing. Between June and October, they move northward through the Serengeti National Park, and between December and March, they move southward. The Serengeti is home to amazing resident animals, even when the herds are elsewhere. Therefore, we advise going north in the winter and south in the summer. Game viewing at its best, with a wide variety of wildlife and a few other people to observe.

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