Bad Facts About Uganda : Uganda is a purely satisfying country to visit while on a Uganda safari with several safari attractions to sight and marvel at, and also ranked as one of the most excellent destinations to have a safari adventure from among all the other East African countries.

Uganda is a country that is blessed with thousands of destinations that you should not skip to marvel these are some of the things that are just the perfect spots for you to enjoy all the kind of adventure in East Africa.

Uganda is a country with over 10 national parks that are situated in different destinations all filled with excellent attractions for you and the entire family to sight.

Some of these national parks may include; Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Mgahinga national park, Kibale national park and many others which all host populations of wildlife species.

When it comes to the locals in the country, there are over more than 50 local communities, each with its own rich culture and traditions and truly a visit in the country one will be fascinated by Uganda’s scenic wonders.

Uganda is surely a very elegant and super attractive country made up of thousands of beauty everywhere, despite of the fact that the country has got some of its demerits as well.

The pearl of Africa is indeed a great destination but Explore Rwanda Tours believes one should be aware of aside from the different activities and capture classic views of amazing features that carries in as a demerit of the pearl of Africa.

As we get to understand deep about the pearl of Africa, join in as we learn more about some of the bad facts that are deeply hidden in the beauty of Uganda and this will surely help you understand best the pearl of Africa at its sacred view and with Explore Rwanda Tours all this will be laid down for one.

Bad Facts About Uganda


The climate of Uganda is one of the most attractive facts about Uganda and yet the main key that leads most to have Uganda as your first choice safari destination in East Africa, Uganda is known to have a tropical climate and for that case the country is undergoes two rainy seasons and these are between months of March to May and from September to December.

Bad Facts About Uganda

Within these seasons it is always hard for sightseers to have full safari experiences of fascinations in Uganda due to the fact that some safari activities are not easy to experience and these can include: hiking and mountain climbing due to the fact that during this period the roads tend to be slippery.  .

Road Safety.

If there is anything in Uganda that lacks adequate maintenance are the roads these are so filled with unpleasing pot holes all over and for that case tourists planning to go on a safari should expect to see the vehicles down along the way.

In most case there are accidents on most roads in Uganda affecting pedestrians, stray animals, drunk drivers especially during the night and hence if one is to explore the country you are required to have a well experienced driver to be on a safe side.

Crimes in Uganda.

Uganda being a safe country to visit does not mean that there are not crime rates in the country this should be made clear to all those that love and are ready to have safari adventure in Uganda.

Crimes in Uganda mostly take place in around the main cities which include; Kampala which is capital city of the country and the Entebbe city it is not always safe to move in these areas mostly when you are new to the areas for it may not be so safe for you.

There are lots of crimes that occur in the country and it is always good to be aware of the different case that occur in the country some of these include; armed robbery and home invasion therefore one should make bookings for safaris in Uganda through the right safari operators to see to it that one has the safe movements in the country.

Those are some of the bad facts about Uganda that one needs to take note of when they are to explore the pearl of Africa but this should not stop one from experiencing Uganda because with Explre Rwnada Tours  one can get to adventure Uganda at large.

Get to have a great safari adventure in the pearl of Africa with the help of Explore Rwanda Tours as you also sight the different destination in the country for your own experience of safety in the country.

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