Amboseli National Park Safari Lodges

Amboseli National Park safari lodges, or where to stay in Amboseli National Park, is one of the important aspects every traveller looks at in the planning process of their visit to Amboseli National Park on a Kenya safari. Given the magnificent and strikingly beautiful nature and landscape of Amboseli National Park, along with the abundant wild game in the park, thousands of visitors visit the park to take part in various Amboseli National Park activities. It is actually the second most popular tourist destination in Kenya after the Maasai Mara National Reserve best known and famous for hosting the annual world spectacle of the wildebeest migration, as over 1 million wildebeests along with other wild game including zebras and gazelles cross the Mara River to neighbouring Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. 

To enjoy the best that Amboseli National Park has to offer, choosing the right accommodation 8is very important. The following Amboseli National Park safari lodges are some of the most opted for and recommended lodging options that most travellers who visit Amboseli National Park do choose. These Amboseli National Park safari lodges are in various categories ranging from super luxurious or exclusive, luxury accommodation, and mid-range and down to the budget lodging options, thereby catering for every kind of traveller. Most of the Amboseli National Park safari lodges do give travellers free access to Wi-Fi, have a 24-hour front desk, great swimming pools with amazing views, restaurants, parking area, among so many others. 

Tortilis Camp

Tortilis Camp is a luxury lodging option in Amboseli National Park. It is here at Tortilis Camp that travellers can get up close with the elephants. Tortilis Camp has 18 tented rooms, very luxurious and spacious, with very excellent views of the park and on a clear day, views of the Kilimanjaro Mountain can be enjoyed at the comfort of one’s room, especially the family tents.

Tortilis Camp has a main lounge, a bar section and dining area all which were built with thatched roofs and natural materials. The dining area overlooks the very magnificent Kilimanjaro Mountain, rewarding guests with great views while enjoying their meals.

Ol Tukai Lodge

Ol Tukai Lodge is a classic Kenya game lodge located in the very heart of Amboseli National Park offering great game drives, great views of the majestic Mountain Kilimanjaro, and comfort in a typical and classic Kenya safari lodge. Ol Tukai Lodge has over 80 guest rooms rewarding her guests with stunning views of Mountain Kilimanjaro and some of the large herd of elephants leisurely moving at the backdrop of the highest mountain on the African continent. 

Porini Amboseli Camp

Porini Amboseli Camp is an exclusive accommodation option that travellers after exclusivity can stay. The camp was designed to take in a few guests at a time, thereby offering privacy and exclusivity to her guests who do get admitted in. Booking in advance is therefore important for those travellers interested in staying here. Porini Amboseli Camp is a great honeymoon destination. Book a honeymoon safari package to Kenya and enjoy your privacy in Porini Amboseli Camp.

Tawi Lodge

Tawi Lodge is one of the most popular Amboseli National Park safari lodges from where travellers after comfort, top service delivery and great food can stay in. Tawi Lodge has 12 chalets, and works in partnership with the African Wildlife Foundation all in a bid to progress and safeguard the wildlife in Amboseli National Park and the very authentic Maasai tribe living nearby. Facilities like Wi-Fi, children playground, outdoor pool, bar, restaurant and so much more are some of what guests enjoy during their stay.

Satao Elerai Camp

Satao Elerai Camp is a mid-range accommodation in Amboseli National Park in which travellers after comfort though on a much cheaper price can stay while in the park. Satao Elerai Camp has 17 cottages and tented suites. Co-owned in partnership with the Maasai people, guests staying at the Satao Elerai Camp can enjoy the true and authentic Maasai tribe lifestyle from the people themselves. Set on the side of a hill at the exclusive conservancy bordering Amboseli National Park, Satao Elerai Camp has her guests enjoying very stunning views of the expensive savannah plains and the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Amboseli Serena Lodge

This is a luxury accommodation in Amboseli National Park that is commonly opted for by travellers after luxury and comfort. The Amboseli Serena Lodge has a prime location inside the park border which has a large concentration of wild game including cheetahs, gazelles, buffaloes, baboons, wildebeests, among so many others. Guests who stay at the Amboseli Serena Lodge get to enjoy the magnificent views of the Kilimanjaro Mountain as it stands proudly from destination Tanzania, a 24 hour front desk, outdoor swimming pool, bar, restaurant, Wi-Fi, among so many others. 

AA Lodge Amboseli 

This is a great lodge greatly deigned and has a great compound and a swimming pool. AA Lodge Amboseli is located just near Kimani gate, a location filled with a variety of wild game. While at AA Lodge Amboseli, guests can as well enjoy great views of Mountain Kilimanjaro. Some of the worth to note amenities of AA Lodge Amboseli include spa, sun deck, curio shop, Wi-Fi, swimming pool among so many others.

We 4Kenya Guesthouse

We 4Kenya Guesthouse is located just outside Amboseli National Park, only 2km from Kimana gate. This is a budget lodging option which has breath taking gardens, and facilities like parking space, air shuttle services, a great sitting area, dining area, among so much more that guests can enjoy during their stay.

Amboseli National Park is a Kenya safari gem which sees thousands of travellers visiting. Famous for having a large population of free ranging elephants, Amboseli National Park also has great nature and landscape as well as wildlife including predators like cheetahs, lions, as well as other wild game and birds which are recorded to be more than 400 species in the park. Booking a safari to Amboseli National Park is therefore very rewarding and with Amboseli National Park safari lodges, one’s stay is surely meant to be very memorable.

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